My story

To make this story short, I am an x-smoker thanks to God and these miracle devices. One time I was at work ready to smoke my cigarette and a friend of mine told me, look what I got, I saw one little and long thing like a cigarette with a blue led light tip and I said what is that? He told me this is an e-cigarette I bought it for $9.99 at the gas station.  He smoked it and it smelled good so when I got off I went to the gas station and bought me one.  He didn't tell me nothing about nicotine or the use of it so I started using it, I liked it but like in two hours the battery was gone. I said ok, it taste good and I left my cigarettes to the side for two hours but I paid $9.99 for something that least two hours of use now I have to spend $9.99 again? It got to be something different somewhere, more efficient. So I started my research and for my surprise I found some weird and technological devices that could give me more time vaping, more e-liquid, customizable and different, so I bought one of them on the internet and no more cigarettes for me. Feeling more energetic and a lot better.

How Vape-I-Land started

After my first experience with these miracle devices, I started to research more, bought some more and started to experiment and deal with them in all possible ways, my regular job is about electronics and robotics so I started to do reverse engineering with them, see how they work and how to make them work better. My passion for these devices increased more and more so I decided to be part of the industry maybe starting making my own e-liquid juice with my own brand Vape-I-Land and later move to sell mods.  I started to do everything straight like it supposed to be, starting from something simple making my own homemade e-liquid at home with my own brand and with all the labeling with all the possible requirements to not to be later in trouble with the FDA when they come with the regulations in the future.  So I registered my brand and trademark name in the state, applied for all the permits and licenses, but I had one last thing to do, apply for my home occupational permit license. I applied and had an appointment with the state department, I remember like now, I went there with my portfolio with all my documents and permits ready to start, finally they called me, had a few words with somebody there and when she asked me what are you going to do?, what are you going to sell?, I told her e-liquids, when she heard that word, her face changed like I was talking about drugs, I saw her face and I explained her what it was about, she didn't allowed me to finish and she told me I can't have that kind of inventory at home, that could be dangerous, that contains nicotine, so I told her what about if I sell it with no nicotine, she said noooooo, everything that you to put in your mouth need to be regulated by the FDA and the Health Department, you can't do that, I'm sorry.  So my dream ended right there just because I was trying to do everything legal, I know I could sell it without their knowledge but, she told me if they catch somebody doing that, the fines could be up to $5000.  We all know that is all about money,  so I can't sell my own homemade e-liquid, just big business companies can because they own their own local.  But I had a plan B.

Plan B - Vape-I-Land Reviews

I became very interested in the vape industry like you read, so after that experience instead to frustrate me, I decided to do something productive to help people quit smoking and specially for the vape industry.  I wanted to do something to make this industry grow more, instead to allow people like that woman to stop this industry and help to ban these products, how? Instructing the people about what this is, how to use it, the benefits of it, their rights and all the options they have about vaporizers (mods) and e-cigarettes, how to modify them and news.  So that's how Vape-I-Land Reviews started.

My main goal is just that, review all the possible products related to the vape industry, tanks, coils, wicks, mods, e-cigarettes, e-liquids to give the people options to choose,  one mod or e-cigarette can be good for me but another kind could be good for you, this is about taste, style and a lot of different user preferences and here in Vape-I-Land Reviews you are going to be able to see it and make your own decision, make your own opinions, ask questions and doubts that you have and we will find the answer and learn together.