Thursday, March 23, 2017

How to fix Reuleaux RX2/3 triple battery cover not working

One month later after I fixed the previous problem I had with this mod commented in my previous article. I decided to increase my watts to 120 but to save more energy,  I decided to use it with 3 batteries instead of 2. I found the battery cover to use the 3 batteries and "boom" mod wasn't powering on, nothing on the screen, but with the two batteries cover it was working fine . So I  opened the battery case again and found something else... the top contact pin that touches the top battery contact in the cover was all the way in, but why it was working with the two batteries cover? Simple, the two battery cover have the contact in the top longer than the other cover and it was reaching the top contact enough to give it power. Then here I go again and disassemble the mod and found the spring inside that contact was out of place, once I aligned the spring back the 3 battery cover started to work. 

To fix that problem just follow the same instructions I give in this article "How to fix check battery problem on Reuleaux RX2/3" and once you open the case pull the battery enclosure out enough to reach the top screws where the top contact is located, there you are going to see the spring behind that contact misaligned. Align the spring back within the contact and cut a little piece of cardboard thin enough to make the cover be in place back. Just put that little piece of cardboard in the top of the spring and put the top cover back again with the screws, follow the procedure in my previous article to assemble the battery compartment back. Test the 3 batteries cover and see if its working. Problem fixed. 

Once again Wismec is aware of this very common problem but leaving the fix in the hands of their customers. 

Feel free to leave your comments and what you think about this issue.