Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Equalizer - Lemon creme brûlée and banana cream cheescake

Equalizer e-liquid 
3Mg Nic.

Tasted for 4 days and I can tell the flavor is excellent, this is a blend of lemon creme bruleee and banana cream cheescake. The predominant flavor is lemon with a little touch of banana which I like but I was expecting more banana flavor, it taste kind like a morning good cereal. Vapor production is very good as it's 75% VG. It's that kind of e-liquid that the flavor keep in your mouth for a while. Label is ok, you can se the brand, nicotine miligrams and the name of the e-liguid clear but flavor and blend % is not specified nowhere, I know because ZampleBox show me the specificaitons. Safety sealed, kids proof seal. Well visualizing myself with this one, in a club having some drinks talking and sharing with a girl some kisses, she will notice how sweet they are, I'll make her addicted to vape for sure. 

In a scale from 1 to 5 this is my rate...

Label 2 (It's ok but need to show more information)
Vapor production 5 (Vapor production is very good at 75% VG)
Taste 4 (It's a blend of lemon and banana, was expecting more banana flavor but that's me)
Safety 5 (Very well sealed)
Recommendation 5 (Could be improved a little more)

You can find this e-iquid at Electric Liquid - Dana Point, CA
15Ml. cost $11.00

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