Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Richie Rich - Multinational berry and cream blend

Richie Rich
3Mg Nic.

Have been vaping this e-liquid for two days and that's enough to determine how good it is. This flavor is a blend of blackberry and cream and I love it. Berries are one of my favorite flavors and it taste just like that. Very pronounced berry flavor, not too strong but very soft, don't bother my throat like other e-liquids I tasted before like the most of pineapple juices. The vapor it produces is very good, it's 60Vg but look like more. Label is just something simple, but you only see the brand and name of the e-liquid flavor is not specified on the label. Safety sealed and kids proof. Very pleasant smell for the people around you. People will ask you for sure about it once they smell it. This one make me visualize myself taking a hot bath filling my bathroom with vapor while I watch a movie on my bath TV and chat on my phone with a cold drink. 

My rate from 1 to 5 is...

Label 2 (Something simple, it don't represent the quality of how good it is)
Vapor production 4 (Vapor production is good it is 60Vg but look like more)
Taste 5 (Very tasty berry flavor that stays on your mouth)
Safety 5 (Very well sealed)
Recommendation 5 (Love it)

You can find this tasty e-liquid at Five Star Juice - Los Angeles, CA
15Ml. cost $10.00

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Vape safe.

Equalizer - Lemon creme brûlée and banana cream cheescake

Equalizer e-liquid 
3Mg Nic.

Tasted for 4 days and I can tell the flavor is excellent, this is a blend of lemon creme bruleee and banana cream cheescake. The predominant flavor is lemon with a little touch of banana which I like but I was expecting more banana flavor, it taste kind like a morning good cereal. Vapor production is very good as it's 75% VG. It's that kind of e-liquid that the flavor keep in your mouth for a while. Label is ok, you can se the brand, nicotine miligrams and the name of the e-liguid clear but flavor and blend % is not specified nowhere, I know because ZampleBox show me the specificaitons. Safety sealed, kids proof seal. Well visualizing myself with this one, in a club having some drinks talking and sharing with a girl some kisses, she will notice how sweet they are, I'll make her addicted to vape for sure. 

In a scale from 1 to 5 this is my rate...

Label 2 (It's ok but need to show more information)
Vapor production 5 (Vapor production is very good at 75% VG)
Taste 4 (It's a blend of lemon and banana, was expecting more banana flavor but that's me)
Safety 5 (Very well sealed)
Recommendation 5 (Could be improved a little more)

You can find this e-iquid at Electric Liquid - Dana Point, CA
15Ml. cost $11.00

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CARNY4 - RY4 and caramel corn

G2 Vapor - CARNY4
3Mg Nic.

I have been tasting this e-liquid for almost a week now, the taste is awesome. Caramel taste is very soft and pleasant, lots of vapor with this blend. Honestly I don't know what really RY4 is which is part of this blend but it mix good with caramel, but something feels weird with this RY4 don't know how to describe it, but I think that's what makes the caramel flavor soft. Label look very professional, well sealed and kids proof. As always I use to visualize myself in different situations when I vape one specific e-liquid. I visualize myself with this e-liquid using it seated in the upper seats in the theater vaping while watching an action movie with a drink. "not recommended if you don't know how to get away with it" but that's me. 

Now let me rate some things about this e-liquid in a scale from 1 to 5. 

Label 5 (Very professional look)
Vapor production 4 (Vapor production is good but was expecting more)
Taste 4 (Caramel taste as described but something taste like weird with that RY4, but still good)
Safety 5 (Very well sealed)
Recommendation 4 (Could be improved a little more)

If you want to try out this e-liquid, you can find it at G2 Vapor - Glen Burnie, MD
15Ml. cost $11.00

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Like always happy vaping and vape safe...

Friday, March 24, 2017

My Eagle tank won't stop leaking... Why?

This beautiful Eagle fly high when is working properly, but when it leaks is a fountain. Nothing like a good vape time with your new Eagle tank for a while and then instead to buy a new coil builded set with wick and everything, you decide to re-wick your. That is freaking perfect I don't blame you. You take the deck out, dry take your wick out, dry clean your coils looking like new, cut your cotton, insert it inside the coils and take the time to do it perfectly right, you admire your hard work, how beautiful those re-wicked coils look, that cotton that look like fresh snow coming from the sky. Then you say, let me disassemble the whole tank to clean it good, you take the cap off, glass, seals, chimney and clean it perfec,  maybe  replace the seals for new ones. You put everything back together,  tight it up with your hands and that tank look brand new, fill it up with your favorite e-liquid, turn on that mod and fire... then you look at your hands and them are full of liquid. I can even hear the first word that is going to come from your mouth.

You check your tank and there is liquid all over the mod coming out from the bottom, sometimes you can't even see where that MF is coming out. All you see are little drops of liquid around your deck. You take it apart believing you did something wrong with your wick but it look perfect... Why this MF is leaking again?  

Well remember when you took it apart and decided to replace your seals... Those are brand new seals and because they are new this is what happen when you close the tank. 

The new seals are new and of course are going to be thicker than the old ones, even with the old ones this could happen if you tight your tank with your hands thinking it's enough not paying attention that the chimney can go inside more and it leaks all the way to your deck.  NOTHING is wrong with your wicks. I spent days trying to figure out why this MF keep leaking, don't mess with your wick if you got it right, check the chimney. So this is the way I had to tight the chimney up. 

I preferred to use a jewelry plier, those people use to make pendants as the points are rounded and fit better in the tank, you can use whatever you want but be careful not to damage the tank. What happen with this tank is when you put it back together you need to make sure the button rubber gasket is aligned perfectly first, then insert the glass, make sure the top gasket is aligned and insert the top part,  what happen is the top part you see I'm holding is attached together with the chimney, thats the chimney cap also, if your seals are new or not properly aligned, when you tight up that cap with your hand an is going to stop turning, you are going to believe it reached it's maximum turn but not, it won't keep turning with your hand, but if you use a plier it will turn several turns more, the chimney top cap have to be flat with the chimney body on the top. If it's not even, this Eagle is going to leak making you believe something is wrong with your wicks. (Do not overtigth the tank or it will be impossible to take it apart later).

After I tried this, no more leaks and no more frustrations. 

Let me know what you think about this. Post your comments or questions. 

Happy vaping...

Thursday, March 23, 2017

How to fix Reuleaux RX2/3 triple battery cover not working

One month later after I fixed the previous problem I had with this mod commented in my previous article. I decided to increase my watts to 120 but to save more energy,  I decided to use it with 3 batteries instead of 2. I found the battery cover to use the 3 batteries and "boom" mod wasn't powering on, nothing on the screen, but with the two batteries cover it was working fine . So I  opened the battery case again and found something else... the top contact pin that touches the top battery contact in the cover was all the way in, but why it was working with the two batteries cover? Simple, the two battery cover have the contact in the top longer than the other cover and it was reaching the top contact enough to give it power. Then here I go again and disassemble the mod and found the spring inside that contact was out of place, once I aligned the spring back the 3 battery cover started to work. 

To fix that problem just follow the same instructions I give in this article "How to fix check battery problem on Reuleaux RX2/3" and once you open the case pull the battery enclosure out enough to reach the top screws where the top contact is located, there you are going to see the spring behind that contact misaligned. Align the spring back within the contact and cut a little piece of cardboard thin enough to make the cover be in place back. Just put that little piece of cardboard in the top of the spring and put the top cover back again with the screws, follow the procedure in my previous article to assemble the battery compartment back. Test the 3 batteries cover and see if its working. Problem fixed. 

Once again Wismec is aware of this very common problem but leaving the fix in the hands of their customers. 

Feel free to leave your comments and what you think about this issue.

How to fix check battery problem on Reuleaux RX2/3

I bought this mod due to it's functionality and good performance, it was working perfect for almost 3 months then one day I was ready to go to work and have my own private and relaxing vaping session while I'm driving, hit my fire button and "boom" check battery error on the screen, won't power on and do nothing. I removed the batteries and checked inside the battery compartment and didn't see nothing wrong or lose, I shake it and nothing apparently was lose inside. I couldn't return it to the vape shop as I didn't have the receipt. So WTF I'm going to do now.  So I decided to opened and this is what I found. I found not of the cables that goes to one of the positive contacts were disconnected, once I solder it back and put it together It started to work. Perfect now I'm vaping back again.I researched on the internet about this problem and this is something very common in the Reuleaux RX2/3 mod, is something Wismec know about it but don't want to acknowledge to make it a recall. I know they know about that issue because on their website they have a lot of people complaining about it but they leave it completely in the hands of the customers to deal with the problem and not everybody is technologically inclined to try to do something like that.

This happens because that contact rotates every time you push in and pull out the batteries, with that rotation that short positive cable inside the mod break or disconnect.

So here I'm going to explain you how to deal and fix that common problem with Reluleaux RX2/3. I hope you can visualize what I'm about to explain and I apologize for not taking pictures while I was fixing it, but I think just with my explanation here you will be able to do it.  So here it is...

It looks complicated but it's very easy.

The procedure is open you battery cover, take out batteries, unscrew the 6 black screws from the battery enclosure, there is a hidden gold screw in the battery compartment in your left top side, you will see a hole with a little foam cover, take that little piece of foam out and unscrew the gold screw, I recommend the use of a little philips magnetized screwdriver just to make  sure your gold screw dont fall inside the mod, if it do, dont worry you can take it out once you remove the cover. After you unscrew the 6 black screws from the battery enclosure and the gold screw the front display cover will be lose, thats normal, just put it to the side, pull the cover slowly from the top and check if your red cable is disconnected from there, if it is, solder back that red cable where you see the other red cable in the battery enclosure, now if you pay attention to the battery enclosure right where you found that red cable disconnected there is a piece of gold metal piece or contact coming out from the negative contact, that piece of metal is the part that your gold screw suppose to hold when you put it back, try to bend it and close the battery enclosure to see if when you close it that part is aligned with the gold screw hole if not, try to bend it more and align it, otherwise it would be dificult to put that gold screw back again, thats why I recommend a magnetized screw driver, DO NOT unscrew the black screws first and leave the gold one for the last part because if it fall inside the mod, you will have to take all the black screws again to get it. In this case doing the gold screw part first and if it fall inside all you have to do is open it and let it fall on tha table shaking the mod, that part for the gold screw is the hardest part but if you align that piece of metal with the hole you wont have a problem. Notice that , that piece of metal moves when you push the contact from the battery compartment. In my case I had to push the contact from outside to align the piece with the hole and put the gold screw back. Once you get it, put back your display screen cover back and holding it proceed to screw the two black screws in the middle, they hold the display cover in place, after that screw the other four. Put the batteries back, put the cover back and enjoy your fixed mod...

Feel free to leave your comments about your experience fixing this problem and questions about it. 

Good luck.