Friday, March 20, 2015

Skin Decal by MightySkins for Sigelei 100W Plus

Blue Skulls

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If you want to add protection and a new look to your Sigelei 100W Plus you need this... Every where I go, the people keep telling me about how cool it look and how they can get one, so I decided to make this review about it and how you could get one. 

This is a stylish vinyl decal sticker, not made by silicon, rubber, gel or plastic, It is a high quality decal skin designed to protect your device from scratches, fading, peeling and at the same time customize the look of it and I can tell you, it got the attention of everybody everywhere I go. 

It comes pre-cutted for a perfect fit on your Sigelei 100W Plus and all you have to do is clean your device, dry it up with a dry cloth to remove any oil or dirt residue, get familiar with the skin pieces and where they go, pill off the decal and use one of the edges of your device as a guide to install it straight all the way to the bottom or the other end. If you need to remove it in the future it don't leave any glue residue and nothing. I installed mine with no problems, no bubbles and no misalignment, just make sure you don't stretch the decal while you are applying it.  It is very easy to install and remove it at anytime. 

This decal is made by MightySkins Vape skins. They created more different options for every taste. They offer an excellent service, their shipping is really fast and are able to work with you in case you need help and support.  

In addition to Sigelei 100W Plus he make customize decals for other devices and box mods,  just feel free to contact him or visit or see his auctions on eBay as mightyskinsdecals1 

Since I put some pictures of mine on my Twitter account, a lot of people are asking me how they can get one, I'm giving away this decal skin for Sigelei 100W Plus brand new, exactly as mine, courtesy of MyghtySkins.  All you have to do is post a comment below with your favorite tank and e-liquid and choose one number in between 100 and 800 starting with the capital letters VPI. Here is one example...

Tank: Kanger Subtank Mini
eLiquid: Freeky Teeky

If somebody choose the same number as somebody else the first person that posted the same number first will be considered as a winner in case that number is chosen. 

I will be making a video choosing the winner number using a the app called Riffle Raffle where I can add all the participants numbers and when I press Raffle! the app itself will choose the winner. You can download the app to verify how it works. 
Participants entries will be added to the raffle by post order. 

Winner will be chosen by April 10th, 2015.