Saturday, February 14, 2015

MadApe e-liquid from MadApeVape hit the spot

First I want to say tanks to MadApeVapor for give me the privilege to taste and review their e-liquids. When I received their package it was very well packaged. The shipping was very fast and their communication with me as customer was excellent. 

My very first impression was the label and the glass bottle heat shrink plastic cap seal, very professional labeling and seal. Label have a children warning advice and the amount of nicotine added. One thing I noticed is all of them say Cloud Chaser Edition which I can tell looking at the great vapor production that all of them gives me. PG and VG are unknown which I understand why they keep it in secret, but I can tell by it's consistency and vapor production that it probably (and that's my personal opinion)... have 70% VG or more.  Throat hit is smooth, refreshing and the smell is pleasant for the people around you. All bottles are specified by names given by them, leaving the customers speculating about what is that pleasant flavor surprising them. Which is A plus for me.

To make this review I'm using my Sigelei 100W Plus at 35W and my Fogger V4 tank with a 0.5 sub ohm build. Tank dried and cleaned after each test to avoid the mix with previous e-liquid flavors for an accurate test. In my case all of them are 6mg of nicotine.

Minih's Dream
For me it smells and taste like peach and honestly my first reaction was Oh My God.  Before,  I was vaping my Aspire Atlantis with tobacco flavor with a mix of cherry, strawberry and blueberry and I was thinking it was good but when I filled up my Fogger thank with Minih's Dream, I left my Aspire to the side and couldn't stop vaping this one. That was my reaction for my first hit. I changed the watts from 20 to 35 watts and the taste stayed the same.  Like I said the smell for the people around me was very pleasant and believe me, my wife is very picky for that so I have a good judge here to test the smells. Excellent vapor production and smooth and refreshing throat hit. A good e-liquid type if you want to drink some coffee or your favorite drink chilling in your back yard while you vape. 

Son Of Keoni
Smells and taste like pineapple, vapor production is great like Minih's Dream but the flavor feels a little smoother and just a little bit sweeter. When I changed the watts the flavor accent didn't change which is good, so no matter what wattage you use the flavor still there but the vapor production increase with the temperature with no negative effect about the taste. The smell still be pleasant to others around you. 

Ieki's Island
This one honestly, I'm confused about the flavor, It's smells a little like pineapple but taste like another fruit that I can't identify, but taste very good. The flavor is smoother than Minih's Dream and Son OF Keoni. Vapor production great as the other ones and cool throat hit, feels like a flavor to relax. I visualize me in bed after work or sitting at the beach with a fruit cocktail. You are not going to believe me but when I wrote this, I wasn't thinking about the name of this e-liquid, but it makes you feel exactly like you are in an island contemplating everything, I just realized my comment had something related to the name. Smell is very pleasant to others like always and the flavor didn't change neither when I increased my watts.

Culture Shock
This one smells like a liquor drink, a little bit like brandy but it taste like one kind of cream for me, is smoother than the previews three, throat hit is very smooth, flavor is consistent with watts change. For some reason I can see the vapor production on this one is more than the other ones. This one makes me think about using it hanging out with friends, like socializing sharing good moments with them. In a few hours I'm going to a Mardi Gras parade and this one is coming with me. 

MadApe e-liquid vapor production

In conclusion... 
All of them have a very similar smell and flavor, but when you vape them, you can tell the difference about the experience, it change your mood, to the point that you can choose which one you want to vape in different occasions. The vapor production in all of them is excellent and it allow you to play with your watts without affecting the flavor. Throat hit is very smooth and the flavor is sweet but right in the point, meaning not like another fruit flavored liquids that bothers your throat. All of them comes stepped and sealed ready to use, not like another e-liquids I tasted before with that soapy flavor and you have to steep them by yourself. Definitely MadApe is in my list of my favorite e-liquids now.

You can follow them on Twitter @MadApeVape
Do not hesitate to contact them and make your order at, their customer service is excellent and the shipment is real fast.

Judge by yourself.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Aspire Atlantis Extension Tank upgrade to 7ml

By now most of the people know how efficient the new tank from Aspire called Atlantis work specially talking about vapor production and flavor. We all know its a great tank to the point that  sometimes can be compared with some drippers.  The only little issue I found is... this tank consume e-liquid like the old SUV I had was consuming gasoline... added to the little 2ml tank it comes with. It was giving me from 4 to 6 hours of good vape, but sometimes when I was at work, driving or doing something important I didn't have the time to feel it up, so in some cases I had to stop what I was doing and refill it. In another case, I went to one club one night with my 2ml tank filled up, you know in some cases when we used to smoke and we drink, we used to smoke more than usual, the same thing happen to me with me when I'm vaping, so I was vaping having fun with the lights dimmed in that club vaping at 35 watts and one dry hit for 3 seconds was enough to burn my wick as I couldn't see in the dark that my little 2ml tank was empty in less than 3 hours.

After that I made my research and found this extension tank upgrade specially for Atlantis. It comes with a longer chimney and top cap, all you have to do is insert your Atlantis coil, fill it up and close it with your Atlantis deck, now you have 7ml of e-liquid to vape with no worries for a longer period. 

I bought his Atlantis extension tank from a seller on eBay, but when I went back to look, as usual eBay is closing some vape auctions just because for them it's a hardware product designed to use nicotine. Unfortunately, the seller is not selling it apparently any more, but I saw some of them around the internet and the average price is $18.00 

I really recommend it if you want to improve your Atlantis experience, it don't affect it's function in any way, just add more room for your e-liquids.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Stella Blues Vapor e-liquid speaks for itself...

When I heard and saw some reviews for the first time about Stella Blues Vapor e-liquids every single reviewer and article were saying something good about them, after reading and view those reviews, I decided to try them out to see why everybody was talking good about them. So I made my order for these two flavors, Almond Joy and Carazel Bacco. I'm going to be honest with you the moment I took the first hit I was ready to make this review already. 

The bottle is child proof, the image of that label speak by itself, all the ingredients are detailed in the label with a warning for 18 years or older use, including the brew date. You have the option to add caffeine to your desired flavor also. 

Let me tell you first about Almond Joy... This flavor feels like you are eating the real thing, the flavor is sweet, vapor production was great and throat hit where it suppose to be. Caramel Bacco is a sweet tobacco flavor, it smells real good. I tried some tobacco e-liquids from another sellers and they taste good but the people around you can't stand the smell like incense, this tobacco flavor smells like it taste, very pleasant and vapor production great just like Almond Joy. 

They claim they bottle their e-liquids after each order, saying their e-liquids are fresh and they store their e-liquids in dark glass containers to steep them for several days before they ship it and they believe they do, I can tell by the taste. 

Now I know why every single review about them is positive. I advice you to taste them and judge by yourself, you are going to remember my words. 

Nothing bad to say about Stella Blues Vapor, you guys know what you all are doing. Oh and one more thing, their service is excellent, good communication and the shipment is quick.

Make sure you follow them on twitter @StellaBlueVapor and here to order.