Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Richie Rich - Multinational berry and cream blend

Richie Rich
3Mg Nic.

Have been vaping this e-liquid for two days and that's enough to determine how good it is. This flavor is a blend of blackberry and cream and I love it. Berries are one of my favorite flavors and it taste just like that. Very pronounced berry flavor, not too strong but very soft, don't bother my throat like other e-liquids I tasted before like the most of pineapple juices. The vapor it produces is very good, it's 60Vg but look like more. Label is just something simple, but you only see the brand and name of the e-liquid flavor is not specified on the label. Safety sealed and kids proof. Very pleasant smell for the people around you. People will ask you for sure about it once they smell it. This one make me visualize myself taking a hot bath filling my bathroom with vapor while I watch a movie on my bath TV and chat on my phone with a cold drink. 

My rate from 1 to 5 is...

Label 2 (Something simple, it don't represent the quality of how good it is)
Vapor production 4 (Vapor production is good it is 60Vg but look like more)
Taste 5 (Very tasty berry flavor that stays on your mouth)
Safety 5 (Very well sealed)
Recommendation 5 (Love it)

You can find this tasty e-liquid at Five Star Juice - Los Angeles, CA
15Ml. cost $10.00

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Equalizer - Lemon creme brûlée and banana cream cheescake

Equalizer e-liquid 
3Mg Nic.

Tasted for 4 days and I can tell the flavor is excellent, this is a blend of lemon creme bruleee and banana cream cheescake. The predominant flavor is lemon with a little touch of banana which I like but I was expecting more banana flavor, it taste kind like a morning good cereal. Vapor production is very good as it's 75% VG. It's that kind of e-liquid that the flavor keep in your mouth for a while. Label is ok, you can se the brand, nicotine miligrams and the name of the e-liguid clear but flavor and blend % is not specified nowhere, I know because ZampleBox show me the specificaitons. Safety sealed, kids proof seal. Well visualizing myself with this one, in a club having some drinks talking and sharing with a girl some kisses, she will notice how sweet they are, I'll make her addicted to vape for sure. 

In a scale from 1 to 5 this is my rate...

Label 2 (It's ok but need to show more information)
Vapor production 5 (Vapor production is very good at 75% VG)
Taste 4 (It's a blend of lemon and banana, was expecting more banana flavor but that's me)
Safety 5 (Very well sealed)
Recommendation 5 (Could be improved a little more)

You can find this e-iquid at Electric Liquid - Dana Point, CA
15Ml. cost $11.00

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